A. Hanafi is an editor, translator and writer. A former teacher for refugees and underprivileged children, she reads and weaves words to travel and transcend to different dimensions. She pens down her nightmares in the hope for a good night sleep.

Anna Tan Anna runs regular write-ins with #Mywriters and LUMA to foster a greater sense of community amongst writers in Penang. She tweets as @natzers and hangs out at www.annatsp.com.

Fara Ling Shu Sean is a homeschooled sixteen-year-old who believes words both pull together and rive apart. Her soul-food consists of the analysis of language, fervent discussions, eleven years of dance, and unspeakable hope.

Garu claims to be the best stand-up comedian in Penang. That is largely because he also claims to be the only stand-up comedian in Penang.

Leela Devi Panikar, Leela Devi Panikar, winner of several awards including BBC Radio World Service, is the author of short story collections: The Darjeeling Affair, Bathing Elephants, Floating Petals – in paperback and Kindle.

Regina Ibrahim is a holistic artist based in Penang. Started writing very late in her life, aiming to complete 10 novels while still breathing,

Ryan Kim is a student in the International school of Penang (Uplands) currently studying the International Baccalaureate. He believes that the art of Writing and Rhetoric is crucial.

Soo Sheng Yuan. Graduated from UPSI, Sheng Yuan currently teaches English in Chung Ling Private. A believer in the power of words and imaginations, he writes YA and fantasy in hopes to inspire people.

Vernon Daim was born in Taiping and grew up in Kuching. He writes poetry and short stories. This is his first attempt at writing a horror story for competition

Vicky Chong‘s short stories were published in two anthologies by Singapore’s National Library Board. She is currently doing her Master in Creative Writing at Lasalle College of the Arts.


Kelly Liew Suet Swee. Art has been a small part of this young lady's life since a few years back. Kelly never study arts but found out that her passion for drawing grew stronger as she starts illustrating her imaginations using pens and papers. Kelly Liew is an engineer by the day and a free-style artist during her free time. She draws mostly animated and cute artworks. Check her artworks at https://www.instagram.com/jellyzenspace/

Leong Wai Khong is a doodler, illustrator and crafter who love to explore on drawing, painting and craft. His illustration works gets him into Asia Illustrators Collection 2016, 2017 and 2018. His works also exhibited in Penang Open Art 2016 & Batugether 2016. He is an academician in Multimedia Design of The One Academy Penang.

Lusy Koror’s visual work is characterized by her bold colours and striking lines, each demonstrating her playful take on the world. Every mark relates to a personal narrative.

Maniac Mary (Mary Tang, 1986), Penang born artist, graduated with Bachelor of Art (BA) from University of Sciences (USM) in year 2011. “One man trash can be another man’s treasure” is Maniac Mary’s philosophy of creating artwork. Crochet and illustration are Maniac Mary favourite art form to express her idea and emotion.

Ng See Lok x Leong. See Lok is a KL-based artist and designer who enjoys dabbling in the darker shades of illustrative art. Leong is a failed writer based in Penang. Occasionally, he tries again.

Ooi Chen Wei. A multimedia design student in The One Academy Penang, also a illustration lover. I love to design characters with weird elements to create an artwork with strong visual impact .

Tau Ew Artist. Graphic Designer by day, Comic Artist by night. Tau Ew draws inspiration for his comics from his personal life. His comics are quintessentially Malaysian, and very much Penang.