/ Hantu kekuasaan di George Town

4 December 2017

Telah seminggu festival sastera antara bangsa George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) berakhir. Acara tahunan anjuran kerajaan Pulau Pinang itu telah berlangsung saban tahun sejak 2011. Bagi acara GTLF tahun ini, berlangsung dari 24 ke 26 November lalu, saya turut diundang menyertai festival itu.

/ Malaysian festival highlights rise of pan-Asian literature

3 December 2017

PENANG, Malaysia -- In a beautifully refurbished colonial building next to George Town's coastal thoroughfare, a tight-knit yet diverse crowd is hungry for answers. A microphone is passed around, and people rock nervously in their chairs as they wait to throw questions at a row of international authors and editors, who are animated after a heated discussion.


1 December 2017

George Town is a northern city situated on the island of Penang, which proudly boasts a reputation as a ‘rebel state’ as well as home to the best street food in Malaysia. A UNESCO heritage site, traces of the bustle of migrants, traders, merchants, and sailors are still felt in the cooking, the lovingly preserved teahouses and worn shop signs. With the three coinciding festivals...

/ Old myths still have meaning today, says George Town lit fest keynote speaker

29 November 2017

MONSTERS are how our minds picture the ugly, evil, unjust and cruel, while immortals have been relegated to spend earthly lives for eternity. These age-old myths still have meaning in our present day, said Muhammad Haji Salleh, the 1991 national literary laureate, in his keynote speech at the launch of this year's George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) themed 'Monsters and (Im)mortals'.

/ George Town Lit Fest gets thumbs up for being different

28 November 2017

THE George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) this year ended on a good note, with all its writers, panellists and artists looking forward to the next instalment. Malaysian writers like Felicia Yap said the GTLF this year had created a "buzzy atmosphere" that promoted interaction between writers and readers.

/ Novel baru Faisal Tehrani kupas isu LGBT

27 November 2017

PENULIS prolifik, Faisal Tehrani muncul dengan novel terbarunya yang mengangkat kisah seorang profesor feminis yang lesbian yang berjuang menyebarkan kesedaran mengenai hak lesbian, gay, biseksual dan transgender (LGBT) dalam masyarakat Melayu. Novel bertajuk Profesor itu diterbitkan oleh Fixi dan dilancarkan pada Festival Sastera George Town di Pulau Pinang, semalam.

/ Faisal Tehrani tackles gay issues in new book

27 November 2017

CONTROVERSIAL writer Faisal Tehrani is back with a new book, Profesor, which is about a lesbian feminist professor trying to fight for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights among the Malays.

/ Of heroes and monsters at the George Town Literary Festival

26 November 2017

IT’S not often that one gets a first-hand experience of monsters and immortals bursting from the literary world, but this year's George Town Literary Festival (GTLF), themed “Monsters and (Im)mortals”, brought to life these enchanted beings via 55 events over three days from November 24 to 26.

/ Catching up with the George Town Literary Festival director

20 November 2017

BERNICE Chauly is no stranger to the literary scene, both local and international. A highly acclaimed Malaysian writer, poet, educator, actor, photographer, and filmmaker, she has also much experience in the literary industry. This year, the festival director of the George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) has two co-curators assisting her and a production team to handle the logistics...

/ George Town Literary Festival 2017: Of monsters and (im)mortals

19 November 2017

Over the years, the themes of the George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) have tended to “resonate with the state of the world”, as festival director Bernice Chauly puts it. This year’s theme for the Nov 24 to 26 event is “Monsters & (Im)Mortals” that Chauly links to “a world ruled by demagogues” – Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte come easily to mind, making the theme...