/ George Town Literary Festival 2016 Highlights

2 December 2016

For its sixth incarnation this year, the George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) returned bigger and bolder, featuring over 60 writers, poets, performers, filmmakers and musicians from all over the world.

/ FIXI serves up bestselling transgendered Malaysian authors at double launch

2 December 2016

For its fifth year at the festival FIXI brought over new releases from Regina Ibrahim and Julya Oui — both male to female transgender authors and trans right advocates. Regina pushed her fifth overall publication, Delima, while Julya Oui showcased her third collection of short stories for FIXI, Them Horrors Be Everywhere.

/ George Town Literary Festival – A fertile ground for convergence of writers and poets

30 November 2016

George Town has always been a fertile ground for the convergence of writers and poets. The spirit of creativity fostered by this gathering is both enriching and inspiring. The annual festival is a timely reminder of the importance of reading and the need for discourse.

/ George Town Literary Festival Partnership

30 November 2016

SA Writers Centre has partnered with the George Town Literary Festival, in Penang, Malaysia, to include an established South Australian writer on the 2016 GLTF festival program. This year, Manal Younus was the successful representative.

/ Press Statement for George Town Literary Festival Zunar solidarity watch

28 November 2016

On 27 November 2016, Malaysian cartoonist Zunar was released a day after his arrest in George Town under the Sedition Act. The following is a press statement from festival director Bernice Chauly on behalf of the George Town Literary Festival in response to his release.

/ Malaysian cartoonist arrested for criticism of prime minister Najib Razak

27 November 2016

Critics say levels of repression are reaching ‘dangerous levels’ after police detained Zunar at the George Town Literary Festival and charged him with sedition.

/ In search of belonging

18 November 2016

The Welsh word “hiraeth” has no equivalent English language. Simply put it, it means “the longing for a homeland that is no longer there”. Over 60 writers, poets, performers, filmmakers and musicians from all around the world will converge in George Town to discuss this theme.

/ Malaysia’s only state-funded literary festival is the bravest place to be this tengkujuh

2 November 2016

LITERARY festivals don’t get the kind of attention they once garnered from Malaysian media — take for instance George Town Literary Festival (GTLF). Opening in three weeks, the annual congregation is a star-studded affair graced by some of the world’s brightest thinkers.

/ George Town Literary Festival Scores A.C. Grayling and literary achievers for a bit of ‘Hiraeth’

1 October 2016

HIRAETH (pronounced hɨraɪ̯θ) is a unique Welsh noun which has no direct English translation. It’s kind of like a homesickness devoted to the past, or a “longing for a homeland that is no longer there”. This special word adorns the sixth George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) in elegant cursive font juxtaposed against a distressed white background.

/ A question of identity: GTLF 2015

30 January 2016

The UNMC Literature & Drama society reflects on their literary experience when they returned from George Town attending the fifth edition of the George Town Literary Festival.