/ Catching up with the George Town Literary Festival director

20 November 2017

BERNICE Chauly is no stranger to the literary scene, both local and international. A highly acclaimed Malaysian writer, poet, educator, actor, photographer, and filmmaker, she has also much experience in the literary industry. This year, the festival director of the George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) has two co-curators assisting her and a production team to handle the logistics...

/ George Town Literary Festival 2017: Of monsters and (im)mortals

19 November 2017

Over the years, the themes of the George Town Literary Festival (GTLF) have tended to “resonate with the state of the world”, as festival director Bernice Chauly puts it. This year’s theme for the Nov 24 to 26 event is “Monsters & (Im)Mortals” that Chauly links to “a world ruled by demagogues” – Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte come easily to mind, making the theme...

/ Icelandic Authors Travel the World to Promote Their Books

11 November 2017

Nearly twenty Icelandic authors will take part in book fairs and other related events, taking place around the world this month. The countries in question include France, Siberia, Slovenia, Brazil, Malaysia and Germany. This will be organised by the Icelandic Literature Center, which has the role of raising awareness of Icelandic literature abroad.

/ In homecoming, Cheras-born author Felicia Yap reminisces about old friends, new readers

2 November 2017

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 2 ― Felicia Yap is thrilled to be home. Now based in London, the Cheras-born scientist-turned-thriller novelist is taking a one-month break from her hectic schedule following the success of her much anticipated debut, Yesterday.

/ A time of monsters, mortals and immortals at George Town Literary Festival 2017

29 October 2017

COME November 24 to 26, the charming heritage enclave of George Town, Penang is set to take on a dark and twisted turn with the return of the seventh edition of the George Town Literary Festival, or GTLF.

/ In upcoming novel, banned author tells the story of a Malay lesbian

20 October 2017

PETALING JAYA: With seven of his works banned by the Malaysian government by invoking the standard threat to “national security”, Faisal Tehrani is not so sure about his upcoming novel which tackles lesbianism, a taboo subject which has occassionally earned the wrath of official preachers.

/ Dua Penulis Indonesia Hadir di George Town Literary Festival

11 October 2017

Jakarta - George Town Literary Festival kembali hadir yang ketujuh kalinya tahun ini. Mengusung tema 'Monster & (Im)Mortals', ada dua penulis Indonesia yang bakal berpartisipasi meramaikan.

/ Literary festivals in Asia are doing us a favor

5 October 2017

LITERARY festivals around the world have long attracted scores of visitors – inquisitive, worldly, and waiting to meet their favorite authors.

/ Yearning for a lost homeland

10 September 2017

Like much of the world, Malaysia is a country worth fighting for, so there is a need to recover a sense of integrity and regain its values. AT last year’s George Town Literary Festival, I was asked to give the keynote address on the theme of hiraeth, a Welsh word that means a longing for a homeland that is no longer there. Homesickness tinged with grief and sadness over the lost...


22 August 2017

Belum pun habis dengan bahang George Town Festival 2017, George Town Literary Festival 2017 (GTLF2017) pula kembali lagi untuk kali ketujuh penganjuran dan bakal berlangsung pada tanggal 24-16 November ini dengan tema Monster & (IM) Mortals.